2017 schedule

Thursday 1rst of June - Morning

Ouverture Israël Nisand et Stéphane Valéri

9 h 15 – 10 h 30

3D printing at the service of human

Gael Kuhn, Terarecon 3d printing
Print his prosthetic hand Thierry Oquidam, e-reasonable
3D orthopedic TBA Medacta printing

10 h 30 – 12 h

NBIC – Treatments for the future

Debate led by Frédéric Dayan

Panorama of biomaterials in Therapeutics Shulamit Levenberg, Technion
Substitution to cartilage Nadia Benkirane-Jessel, Inserm unit of nanomedicine regenerative Strasbourg
Nano-ghosts cancerology Marcelle Machluf, Technion12h

– 12 h 30

e-health: and Africa?

PR Dinard Kouassi, Director of the National Institute of public health of Côte d’Ivoire
Samir Abdelkrim, founder of StartupBRICS.com1

Jeudi 1er Juin - Après-midi

4h – 3:30

Science and technology in the service of beauty

In partnership with l ‘ Oréal and the Samcep

The bio-printing Fabien Guillemot, Poietis, Bordeaux (F)
TBA, Withings connected objects
Electronics flexible “wearable” Guive Balooch, L‘oreal R & I USA, San Francisco (CA, USA)
Cosmetics instrumental Tobin Island, Clarisonic, Redmond (WA, USA)

Workshop: Science and research

  • Members of the Technion
  • Philippe Robert, Cob Tek – Innov Alzheimer’s
  • Nicholas Ayache, Inria
  • Patrick Mallea, Accelis

16: 00 – 17: 30

Robots in medicine

Surgical Bertin Nahum, Quantum Surgical robot
Exoskeleton Nicolas Simon *, Wandercraft
Pepper Nicolas Plougastel, Robotopi


Workshop: e-health in Africa

Under the leadership of Samir Abdelkrim, founder of StartupBRICS.com

  • Dinard Kouassi, Director of the National Institute of public health of Côte d’Ivoire
  • Karim bath, Merck Africa Director
  • Felix Acka

20 h – 24 h

Connected night / game, Set and Match /Monte Carlo Country Club

Vendredi 2 Juin - Matin

9 h 15 – 10 h 30

Artificial intelligence to the service of humanity

Antoine Denis, Microsoft
Gaël Kuhn, Terarecon
Loïc Etienne, Medical Intelligence Service

Workshop: Business and economy in e-health

  • Members of the Technion
  • Loïck Menvielle, Edhec
  • Sophie Morgenstern, Metropolis Nice-Côte d’Azur
  • Yannick Quentel, Monaco Côte d’Azur Business Hub
  • Thierry bun, Mérieux-development

10 h 30 – 12 h

Practices of healthcare professionals

Pharmacies developing services for patients: but they have enough away?  Sophie Gillardeau
Customization of the treatment by Frédéric Dayan, Exact Cure healthcare professionals
The collection of data, TBA
Cyber-threats in the healthcare industry Bertrand Monnet, Criminal Risk Management Chairs EDHEC Business School
Patient Communities: a new paradigm for medicine William Menvielle (DBA), Loïck Menvielle (PhD), EDHEC Business School

Workshop: Blockchains

  • Cecilia Monteil, e-ppocrate
  • Nathalie Devilliers, Grenoble School of Management
  • Adnan el Bakri, Innov Health
  • Sajida Zouarhi *.

12: 00 – 12: 30

E-health bioethics

Professor Israel Nisand, Director of the Bioethics of Strasbourg14h Fo

Vendredi 2 Juin - Après-midi

rum – 2.30 pm

Presentations of the 3 startups selected at the connected night

14 h 30 – 15 h 30

Substitution for weak functions

The retina Institute of vision, Pixium, Paris, Serge Picaud
The cochlea Arnaud Deveze, Marseille
The pancreas
The heart and/or the ventricle Gilles Dreyfus, Monaco

Workshop: Connected objects

Under the leadership of François Teboul, BeWell Connect

16: 00 – 17: 30

Learn, teach, and operate by the Simulation, Serious Games, mixed reality, and 3D printing

Debate moderated by Jean-Claude Narcy and Antoine Watrelot

Alexandre Mignon and Antoine Tesnière, iLumens
Jerome Leleu, Interaction Healthcare
Gaël Kuhn, Terarecon
Michael Mueller, Endoswiss

Workshop: Connected objects

Under the leadership of François Teboul, BeWell Connect

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