Marcelle Machluf

Technion Israël

The Technion –  Israeli Institute of Technology is a research institute and a public university in Haifa, Israel specializing in science and technology. Founded in 1912 under the Ottoman Empire as a Polytechnic Institute, Technion is the oldest university institution in Israel. The institute awards degrees in science, engineering and related fields such as architecture, medicine, industrial management and education. It has 18 university departments, 12 teaching hospitals and 60 research centers. Since its opening in 1924 it has awarded more than 100,000 diplomas.

The Techion is renowned for its entrepreneurship, students and faculty found an average of 80 new technology companies each year. MIT ranked Technion as the sixth university in the world for its innovation ecosystem.

The Technion’s faculty includes three of the six Nobel laureates  in chemistry.