Jean-Philippe Cobbaut

Centre d’éthique médicale - Lille

Jean-Philippe COBBAUT is lawyer and philosopher and since 2002 researcher at the Center for Medical Ethics in Lille. He also teaches health law and ethics at the Medical School of the Louvain University. He has been member of the Belgian Bioethics Advisory Committee (1996-2000). As visiting researcher at the Harvard Law School (1995), he has been leading research on resources allocation in health care. He has been member of the Centre for Philosophy of Law of UCL (1994-1999) and Director of the Research Department of the European Family Organization. His current work focuses on clinical ethics and organizational ethics. He completed a PhD in public health (ethics) at the School of Public Health of UCL. He is now Professor of Medical Ethics at the Catholic University of Lille and Director of the Center for Medical Ethics in the same University. He is also associate professor at the Public Health Faculty of the Louvain University in Public Health Law and Ethics.