Frédéric Dayan


Frédéric Dayan, 40 years old, is the founder of ExactCure, a company that aims at simulating your personalized response to drugs thanks to digital models. His dream is to build your perfect virtual avatar in a mobile application. Imagine how this virtual copy of yourself could help you optimize your health!

Frédéric is a former Research & Development (R&D) team leader from the Dassault Systèmes software editor. He is expert in modeling for Life Sciences. He received two Doctorates (Pharmaceutical Science + Cancer Research), and a Physics Engineering diploma from the “Ecole de Physique et de Chimie de Paris”.

After an academic career in bio-modeling as a researcher and teacher at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, he decided to manage teams in private R&D, both for small and big industries. Now he is creating his own company in order to bring his vision to life: a world where patients and health professionals would benefit from cutting-edge technologies in modeling and simulation.