Arnaud Devèze

Chirurgie ORL

Arnaud Devèze is currently Ear and Skull Base Surgeon at Clairval Private Hospital in Marseille, and Associate Professor in the Laboratory of Applied Biomechanics, Aix Marseille University.

He carried out the most part of his carrier with his mentor Professor Jacques Magnan, in the department of Otology and Skull Base at Hospital Nord in Marseille. Being specialized in the treatment of deafness and vertigo and skull base surgery, Arnaud Devèze has got a strong experience in auditory implantations to restore hearing. He is a renown surgeon specialized in the endoscopic surgery of cerebellopontine angle disease (facial palsy, acoustic schwannoma, neurovascular conflict…) working in collaboration with his colleagues neurosurgeons.

Arnaud Devèze has achieved his PhD at the University of Colorado Denver (UCD, Denver, CO, USA), working on the biomechanical aspects of the vibration of middle ear and bone conduction implants. Back in France, he has organized the creation of a Laser Doppler Vibrometry Unit in the Laboratory of Applied Biomechanism that permits to conduct experimental research in the domain of acoustic implants and sound propagation. He has conducted or participated to several clinical studies regarding vestibular deficit and more specifically the physiological pattern of vestibular compensation, through a long lasting collaboration with the lab headed by Prof. Michel Lacour.

He is a training specialist and surgical support for acoustic and cochlear implants, and works currently on the finalization of a realistic synthetic temporal bone and middle ear ossicular chain for training purposes.

Arnaud Devèze, Ass. Professor. MD, PhD
Otology and Skull Base Surgery, Clairval Hospital, Ramsay-Générale de Santé
317 Bd du Redon, 13009 Marseille

Laboratory of Applied Biomechanism, IFSTTAR
Bd Pierre Dramard
Aix Marseille University, Marseille, France